To have the Spanish language translation of the Math measures appear and/or the Spanish language literacy measures, the district administrative staff must activate this feature through the systems settings for the district.

Spanish language literacy measures are available for kindergarten through grade 2. These measures were developed specifically to be appropriate for assessing students receiving literacy instruction in Spanish and are authentic Spanish literacy measures rather than translations of English measures. In kindergarten, Syllable Segmenting and Syllable Sounds are the two measures available. Grade 1 includes these measures as well as Word Reading Fluency and Sentence Reading Fluency. Word and Sentence Reading Fluency measures are available for grade 2. These measures are components of both the Benchmark and Progress Monitoring assessments (see the following table). Each of the Spanish literacy measure types includes three Benchmark and ten Progress- Monitoring forms for kindergarten through grade 2. The specific test types offered are based on three years of research at the University of Oregon to identify and develop CBMs that specifically address the ways in which Spanish literacy develops.

Spanish math translations measures

Once the Spanish language translations option has been activated, all math items on the easyCBM system will display in both English and Spanish (students toggle from one language to the other on the screen on an item-by- item basis), with read-aloud available in both languages.

All math items that require reading come with a “read aloud” option. Students can click a speaker icon and have the math item read aloud to them. The read-aloud option cannot be turned off. This is because research on Universal Design for Assessment suggests that having text read aloud to students helps remove barriers that may otherwise preclude them from accessing the test and demonstrating their mathematics competencies. In other words, without the read-aloud option, the students’ math scores might not be representative of their true math abilities. For this reason, it is important that students have headphones available in the computer lab when testing so they can use the read-aloud option if needed.

This Read-Aloud option is available in both English and Spanish