If you know your username, the password can be reset by selecting the reset password link. It is located just below the log-in fields. 

To begin, select Forgot Password.

In the next page, enter your username in the field, not your email address. Then select Send Email.

  • An email with a reset link will be sent to the email that is registered to the account. Click the link within the email to get to the page to set your password. Enter the password in the first field and verify it by re-entering it in the second field. 

  • Once you have completed the above steps you will be logged into the website and may begin to score assessments.

The email will come from clinical@wj.riverside-insights.com If you have attempted to reset your password multiple times and have not received a reset email, have your IT Department unblock the email address above. You may also want to reach out to your administrator to make sure you are still an active user.